Contracts – Part 2 – What every online business needs (Legal Road Map® Podcast S3E63)

Most businesses these days have a website. With all the online platforms available, it’s easier than ever to DIY this business essential. But one area of your website that you definitely don’t want to DIY is contracts: privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclosures, disclaimers, and more.

In this week’s episode I talk about the contracts you need for your website:

  • The one contract every website needs (even though no one will ever read it!)
  • Why just linking to your privacy policy in the footer of your website might not be enough under the EU’s new GDPR laws
  • The best practice contract you should have on your website even though it’s not required
  • How terms & conditions on your website can help if you have to go after a copycat
  • Which industries need to worry the most about including a disclaimer on their website
  • The determining factors for disclosing if you’re being compensated for promoting a product or service

Key takeaway: It can be super simple to set up a website these days. But without the proper contracts in place, your website could create legal problems down the road.

Additional resources:

Legal documents, notices, and disclaimers you must post on your website and what to include (episode 3 downloadable):

Contract templates:

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