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Are you worried about your
rights because you're working
without a solid contract?

Have you cobbled together your own contracts from things you found on the Internet, but you're not sure if they really include all the right terms?

Contract templates are a great first legal step to take when your business is just getting started.  You can still be protected even if you're not ready to invest in working with a lawyer to create a custom contract.

These fully customizable contract templates make clear exactly what everyone is agreeing to do, from the beginning.

They protect both sides, so you both feel good about your business deal.

They're written by attorneys who get the creative, online world you operate in -- we work here too! -- so they fit with your business model.

No more waking up in a cold sweat worrying about misunderstandings, when you'll get paid, or that you're opening yourself up to a lawsuit.

Templates are available in Word format via e-mail instantly after your payment is processed

Website Privacy Policy for U.S. Businesses -
GDPR Compliant!

Are you collecting personal information from your website's users (even if it's just their e-mail address through an opt-in)? Then you need to post a policy on your website that tells your users what you will do with that information.  This online privacy policy describes how you will collect, use, share, and protect the consumer data you collect from them.  In the U.S., the law requires special precautions be taken when collecting information from those under 13, so this policy makes clear that your website is not aimed at anyone under the age of 13 and you do not want to collect their information. A link to this document should appear in your website footer.

NOTE -- a new European privacy law that will affect most U.S. businesses (General Data Protection Regulation, or "GDPR") is going into effect on May 25, 2018 -- this privacy policy template is GDPR Compliant! - posted May 7, 2018

Website Terms & Conditions of Use with Disclosure Policy

Did you know that you own the copyright to all the awesome photos, text, videos, and other content that you’ve created and posted on your website?  This document helps you keep others from stealing your content by telling users exactly what they can do (share it!), and can’t do (sell or copy it).  If you allow users to comment or post on your website, or operate a members-only site, this document will set the rules for users participating there.  It will also protect you in the event you get sued as a result of something that appears on your website, whether it was created by you or a third-party contributor, sponsor, or advertiser.  As a bonus, this document also includes a disclosure policy where you can tell visitors whether you accept advertising, free products, or other compensation, how that affects your content, and whether you have any relationships that influence your content.  A link to this document should appear in your website footer.

Client Contract Template

Essential if you’re a designer, photographer, software developer, writer, or other professional who creates content for clients.  This template will help you get paid on time and make sure everyone knows who owns what.  Includes terms for project deadlines, payment schedule, refund policy, and more. *This template works hand in hand with the proposal template listed below.

Client Proposal Template

Start your client project off on the right foot with a proposal template that includes all the key terms, like a project outline, client needs, deliverables, estimated fees and costs, scheduling and deadlines, and how to get started on your project (this goes hand in hand with, but does not replace, a client contract).

Life Coaching Client Contract Template

If you’re a life coach, it’s key that you and your client both understand what the coaching relationship means, and what both sides are agreeing to do.  Includes confidentiality protections. Protect yourself from a client later claiming you promised more than you could do, or squabbling over payment terms.

Business Coaching Client or Strategist Contract Template

When you work with business owners as a coach or strategist, you need to outline payment terms, each side’s responsibilities, your area of expertise, confidentiality, and session procedures. Includes disclaimer that you are not promising any specific financial or business outcomes.

Independent Contractor Contract Template

Are you hiring contractors for your business?  Make sure you are both clear that the contractor is not an employee, and spell out the scope of work and payment schedule.  This agreement includes a nondisclosure agreement (to protect your, and your clients’, confidential business information) and a noncompete agreement.

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Conference, Retreat, Event Venue or Personal Trainer Waiver or Indemnification Agreement Template

If you host events that involve physical activities, own or operate an event venue or facility where patrons engage in physical activities, or are a personal trainer, you must protect yourself by requiring everyone you work with to sign a liability waiver and indemnification agreement.  This agreement will protect your and your business’s assets from being taken if you are sued when someone gets hurt.

E-Course and Digital Product Terms of Use Template

Wondering how you can protect your e-course or other digital products, like videos, audio, worksheets, e-books, and other tools?  The best way is to require purchasers to agree to your “terms of use”, with clear rules on how they can, and can’t, use your content.  Includes terms that cover payment plans, refund policy, and that will protect you if a purchaser copies or distributes materials without your permission.

Podcast Guest Agreement Template

When you invite someone to appear on your podcast, you must be sure to get their agreement in writing so that you will own and be able to use that recording however you choose (including in a later video or compilation, on a website, anywhere!).  This agreement spells out the podcast owner’s rights and will prevent guests from later claiming they didn’t give you permission.

Blog or Podcast Sponsor Agreement Template

If you’re taking money or products from companies who want to be featured on your blog or in your podcast, you need a contract that spells out your agreement.  Avoid disagreements about what you will and won’t do, and who owns the rights to your content.

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Affiliate or Referral Program Agreement Template

If you’re working with affiliates or sharing part of your sales revenue with referral sources, you need a simple contract that says how much you’ll pay, and when, and includes other contract terms to protect both sides.

Confidentiality or Nondisclosure (NDA) Agreement Template

Protect your business’s trade secrets, like customer lists, special processes or systems, recipes, and anything else that gives you an edge over your competitors.  You can use this agreement with contractors, employees, and potential investors or partners to require them to keep your business info secret.

Need a contract you don't see here?

 I also work with clients one-on-one to create custom contracts tailored for your business.  Custom contracts begin at a flat fee of $3,000 and are quoted on an individual basis depending on complexity.

DISCLAIMER: These templates are not legal advice.  You will not have a lawyer-client relationship with any of the attorneys with the Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd PLLC by purchasing a template. This means you will not have any confidential or privilege protection for your communications with the firm, and the lawyers with the firm will have no obligation to avoid conflicts of interest or comply with certain provisions of the attorney Rules of Professional Conduct.

If you wish to receive individual legal advice or need a custom contract created for an entity, individual or situation, you must hire your own attorney. You may inquire about hiring the Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd PLLC by submitting an inquiry here.

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