Legal for online business, from lawyers who know online business.

When you grow your business to 7+ figures, you become painfully aware of the fact that the more you have, the more you have to lose.

The questions you have now are not the same questions you had when you were just getting started.

You need a strategic legal partner.

Someone who will be a valued member of your team and help you reach your goals faster and smarter.

Someone who has your back.

And that’s exactly why we exclusively work with new clients through our signature process, Legal to Scale™.

How we work with clients

Legal to Scale™ builds a strategic partnership with your lawyers.

We start with a 360-degree legal strategy session, then take care of your highest priority legal project (which is usually the issue that led you to contact us, but sometimes we identify another, more urgent legal need during our call).

After we finish your one high-priority legal project, we offer ongoing legal support in the areas listed below.

Who we work with

We’ve designed Legal to Scale™ specifically for established online business owners who have big goals they know they can’t [safely] reach without first making sure their legal house is in order.

We currently work with online business owners in a variety of industries, but our clients tend to be coaches, course creators, 1:1 service providers, and memberships or online communities with annual revenue of 7+ figures.

We had no hesitations about working with Autumn because she was highly recommended for our intellectual property issue by another lawyer we trust. We closed our website domain dispute case with great results, and it was handled quickly and efficiently.

The firm’s communication was excellent, and we were always kept up to date on our case. Autumn is results-driven and will work her hardest to get her clients results and justice in their cases.


What it costs + what you get

For one flat fee of $5,000, you’ll:

  • Consult with one of our experienced attorneys during your legal planning session
  • Receive a solid, individualized legal plan, prioritizing your next legal moves to help grow your business and reach goal-getter status faster and smarter
  • Relax as our team knocks out your first legal project - you’ll choose either one flat-fee copyright or trademark registration project, OR up to 10 hours toward another legal project like a custom contract or employment advice. We get to work and you get peace of mind
  • Gain a deep bench of strategic partners + legal experts who are invested in your business’s long-term success, plus are familiar with your unique business, who you can call if [when] legal issues pop up in the future
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    The AWB Firm can help with:

    Protect your intellectual property. The AWB Firm will help you put the right legal protections in place so you can sleep at night, knowing your brand, content, and digital products (and all the hours, dollars, blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into building them) are 100% yours.
    Build a strong legal foundation. Love them or hate them - contracts and business structures are THE most important legal protections for your business. Get your business’s legal foundation in order, with the law firm that actually understands online business.
    Design stellar strategy. Feel like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle to get from where you are now to where you want to be? Expert legal strategy is that missing piece. Our signature Legal Road Map® session gives you a 360-degree legal review of your business with an experienced lawyer, plus a plan to help you prioritize the protections you need now, and what can wait till down the road.
    Manage your team, legally. - Our legal team has the labor and employment expertise to help you confidently navigate building a team that will support you and your online business. Plus, we can help you create socially responsible (and - of course - legal!) employment practices by incorporating inclusive, anti-discriminatory policies and navigating company culture issues in your business.
    Legal to Scale™ is the collaborative process we use to create a strong legal foundation for our clients.

    Once we deep dive into all the corners of your current business, as well as where you want to be in the future, we’ll work together to be sure you’re getting the right legal protections, at the right time.

    We value building strong relationships with all of our clients, helping them create and reach their strategic goals, watching their businesses succeed in bringing the big visions they have to life.

    That’s why we designed our signature process to start with a 360-degree legal review to make sure that nothing important is overlooked before we start tackling one high-priority legal project.

    You may have your eye set on a shiny new trademark for your brand or logo, but there might be another, more urgent, legal blindspot that could pose an even bigger risk to your business.

    If you value partnering with a team that comes to work each day to serve our clients with joy and integrity, click below to fill out our short questionnaire and a member of our team will be in touch soon.

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    The AWB Firm is trusted by

    Since I first worked with Autumn on a client contract, my business has really taken off. I liked that even during communications about serious business, Autumn always treated me like an actual person. Her personality definitely builds a sense of loyalty, and it’s clear that Autumn understands the needs of her clients and genuinely cares for and roots for them. I would recommend Autumn to other small business owner without hesitation.