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Business Coach, Consultant, or Strategist Bundle NEW!

Business Coach, Consultant, or Strategist Bundle NEW!

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Make sure you’re a business coach, consultant, or strategist who protects your own business first.

Your business coaching, consulting or strategy services have started earning you a name for yourself. You’re ready to go all in and take things to the next level. 

But are you prepared for what comes next? Do you have the answers for questions that come with selling and delivering business coach, consulting, or strategist services, like:

  • How can I make it clear to my clients what I am agreeing to do as their coach or strategist, and what they’re agreeing to do as my client?
  • Am I communicating to my clients that they still have to pay monthly even if they need to cancel their coaching or strategy package before it’s scheduled to end?
  • We get into some pretty confidential business information when I work with clients - how can I let them know it’s safe to open up to me and also communicate that there are certain strategies or practices I give them that I don’t want them sharing?
  • When the time comes to hire someone to help me, how can I make sure I own any graphics or copy they create for me?
  • Do your clients know what’s allowed and what’s not in a group coaching setting?

Our new Business Coach, Consultant or Strategist Bundle includes not only all the contract basics you need to make sure you’re running your business legally, but also comes with the contracts you’ll need when it’s time to grow to the next level. The bundle includes:

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