Contracts – Part 3 – Protect your revenue grow your team (Legal Road Map® Podcast S3E64)

Contracts – Part 3 – Protect your revenue grow your team (Legal Road Map® Podcast S3E64)

Growing a business to the point where it’s producing steady revenue is a milestone accomplishment for any business owner. But what are you doing to protect your revenue stream(s)? And when the time comes to grow your team, how are you making sure that the very things that make your business successful are protected?

In this week’s episode I cover the contracts you need in your business to protect revenue and grow your team:

  • The basics to include in a client services contract
  • Why you need to spell out who will own any intellectual property in your contracts
  • Special contract considerations for event planners and for coaches
  • When you need to have contracts in place if you sell a physical product
  • The contracts you need if you do live events, especially if you work with sponsorship
  • Important contract terms for affiliate or referral programs
  • Why you may not want to use Paypal for affiliate payout
  • Which contract to use with your employees to protect your trade secrets
  • Why it’s not a good idea to use both your independent contractor’s and your contract (just pick one to sign)

Key takeaway: Hard work pays off for a lot of business owners, but if you’re not using contracts to protect your business, it could all be for nothing.

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