Copyright and Trademark 201, using other people’s photos, videos, music, and more legally (Legal Road Map® Podcast S1E8)

How can you use content created by other people like photos, videos, music, or text (third-party content) the right way in your business? Learn all about fair use and how to stay out of legal hot water with copyrights and trademarks.

(Be sure to listen to Episodes 5, 6 and 7 first for an overview of the different kinds of IP; Episode 8 builds on those episodes).

Episode highlights:

  • What’s in the public domain?
  • Ask permission - the safest bet
  • Using other people’s content on social media (re-pinning, re-posting, re-gramming)
  • Copyright fair use - there is no magic % you can change and be safe
  • Trademarks - rules for selling things made with licensed fabric, plus can you use college sports and NFL logos, movie and book titles and characters, quotes and song lyrics?

KEY TAKEAWAY: If you don’t have permission, you’re probably infringing. Create your own stuff or get permission (in writing!) or risk getting a nasty letter or being sued.

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This podcast is information not legal advice specific to your situation.

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