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Ready to get your legal ducks in a row? The Legal Road Map® blog & podcast is a must for the ambitious online business owner with a rocket strapped to their back. Stop scrolling for legal advice in Google and instead confidently scale your business to the next level with the right legal protections at the right time.

Hosted by Autumn Witt Boyd, an experienced lawyer who helps ambitious and creative business owners reach their big goals. Together with her team, Autumn guides coaches, memberships, course creators + educators, agencies + experts as they grow. She has special expertise in copyright and trademark issues, and her firm offers full-service legal support to creative businesses.

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Wed. 4/15/20 - PPP / EIDL forgiveness updates + protecting your business during COVID-19.

SBA just issued new guidance on the PPP loans yesterday (Tues. 4/7) - learn what you need to know in this video, as well as answers to small business owners' questions.
Step by step - how you can evaluate which financial relief option is best for your business. Plus Q&A about loans, unemployment, and more - I've been getting tons of questions!
  1. Insights for employers and business owners about paid leave in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)
  2. What's coming in the new relief bill that's in progress right now
  3. SBA disaster loans - who should apply, how much can you borrow, how to fill out the application correctly, and more.

Topics covered:

  • What is force majeure?
  • Will insurance cover this?
  • How should I communicate with my clients?
  • How should I communicate with contractors/vendors?
  • How should I communicate with my team?
Surprising ways coronavirus may affect your online business:
  • Schools and childcare closing
  • Conferences cancelled
  • Shipping times for physical items
  • Clients' budgets affected
  • Manufacturing timelines
  • Trade shows being cancelled
  • Health and wellness products/services may see an increase in business
  • Decisions for in-person events
Coronavirus is all over the news right now. But have you stopped to think about how it could affect your business (especially if you're running live events or retreats)?
This is the final episode in my series about legal and social media. In this episode, I cover the following topics:

1) Staying out of hot water when using other people's images that tag your brand on social media.

2) Question from a social media copywriter about how to get sign off from clients that they approve her posts.

3) The legal next steps after being accepted to be an affiliate.
In this video, I'm answering your questions about what can go wrong when an unhappy client leaves negative reviews about your business on Google, Yelp, or in a Facebook group. Learn if this is really defamation and how you can make it stop.
Heard a horror story or two about someone getting locked out of their FB ads account? So have I. Today's live featured more stories about online businesses that were missing the right legal protections, or breaking Facebook's ad rules, and led to ad accounts getting shut down.
STOP right there - watch this BEFORE you run FB or Instagram ads

Learn why your social media ad could be rejected, and how you can avoid this expensive mistake.

I'll answer your questions about legal in the Scale / CEO phase of your business.

This is when legal gets REAL because you're making more money, and have a lot more risks of things going wrong.

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