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Your Legal Road Map® to a more profitable business!

Legal Road Map® podcast is a must-listen for any online business owner. Through solo episodes and interviews with some of the biggest names in online business, Legal Road Map® is perfect for business owners who are ready to step away from relying on Google for legal advice and move toward sound legal protection and strategy to grow their business to the next level.

Hosted by Autumn Witt Boyd, an experienced lawyer who helps ambitious and creative business owners reach their big goals. Together with her team at The Law Office of Autumn Witt Boyd PLLC, Autumn guides online and e-commerce businesses as they grow. She has special expertise in copyright and trademark issues, and her firm offers full-service legal support to creative businesses.

As host of the Legal Road Map® podcast, she teaches business owners how to protect their rights and stay out of legal hot water.

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As much as we don’t want to think about things going wrong in our business, calculating risk is part of being a responsible business owner.

So how can you set up your business when you’re just getting started to make sure your personal home, car, bank accounts, and other assets are protected if something happens later? What role does insurance play in managing risk and do you even need to form a corporate entity at all?

For many business owners, arriving at the point of needing to hire someone because you have more work than you can handle is an absolute dream come true. 

But loose hiring practices can lead you to make some extremely costly mistakes -- like hiring an independent contractor who really should be classified as an employee, or not using a contract to make sure you and your worker are on the same page.

If you applied for a PPP loan, you need to know about the "Flex Act" that was signed into law on June 5, 2020. Watch to learn about changes in rules about when you need to spend your PPP loan, rehiring rules, and more.

Have you been "inspired" by someone else's work, and tried to turn it into your own? Seen a catchy business or product name and thought it would work for you too? Or maybe you "borrowed" someone else's content (without asking permission)?
NEW RULES FROM SBA - hot off the press Friday, May 15 - about how to spend your PPP money. Watch to learn what's changed and how WHEN you pay payroll and other expenses makes a big difference. Recorded 5/18/20, information is changing rapidly.

Thinking about moving your business online? Watch PART 2 in this series to learn what you need to know to run an online business the right way, right from the start. What legal protections you MUST have in place before you "go live", contracts with your customers or students, online and email marketing legal rules, and more.

See part 1 of this series here.

How can you be sure your PPP loan is forgiven, so you don't have to pay it back? Watch to learn HOW you should spend your $$$ and WHAT paperwork you need to collect to be sure you aren't stuck paying back your PPP loan. Recorded 5/13/20, information is changing rapidly.
Should your business return your PPP loan because it wasn't "necessary"? Watch this video to learn the penalties if your loan wasn't "necessary" under the CARES Act, and how to decide your next step before the extended deadline - next Thursday 5/14.
Thinking about moving your business online? Watch to learn what you need to know to run an online business the right way, right from the start. How you might offer products or services online, setting up your website legally, choosing a clean domain name, and more.
NEW PPP Guidance was released yesterday - if you have laid off employees and received a PPP loan, you may be worried about bringing your headcount back up to ensure your loan is forgiven. The Dept. of Treasury released new info about what happens if you laid off an employee, offered for them to come back to work, and they say no. WATCH NOW!

My friend Mike Michalowicz and I spoke about actionable strategies you can use TODAY to get out of survival mode and figure out the most important thing you need to tweak to grow your business.

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Learn the latest updates to the PPP forgivable loan program AND I'm answering questions about launching an online course in health care.