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Coaching Contract

Coaching Contract

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The coach-client relationship is an intimate one, especially when it comes to health & wellness or life coaches. We realize that your clients are trusting you with their personal details, and want to make sure each person in the relationship is protected. That’s why it’s particularly important to spell out all the details in a Health & Wellness or Life Coaching Client Contract, so you can answer questions like:

  • What are you agreeing to do as my coach? And what am I agreeing to do as your client?
  • Will you maintain confidentiality for anything we discuss?
  • Do I still have to pay monthly if I need to cancel my coaching package before it’s scheduled to end?

The Coaching Contract for live and health + wellness coaches also helps prevent any misunderstanding if your client claims you promised more than you could do, or squabbles over payment terms. Of course, we hope none of these will happen, but a clear contract is the best way to protect yourself before a crisis pops up. 

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