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Speaker Diversity and Inclusion Rider

Speaker Diversity and Inclusion Rider

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Have you been invited to speak at an event, but you want to be sure that the host respects the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion that you hold dear? If the host has already sent you their speaker contract for you to sign, our Diversity Rider is the perfect way to let them know your requirements to make sure DEI is respected from event planning all the way through to production.

The Diversity Rider is designed to be used only in conjunction with a speaker contract.  It is not a standalone speaker agreement - if you need that, you can find our Live Speaker Agreement, which includes a Diversity and Inclusion Rider, here.

The Diversity Rider template was drafted in collaboration with DEI consultants Erica Courdae and India Jackson of Pause on the Play, with fully customizable terms to be sure your diversity, equity, and inclusion values are honored for any speaking engagement.
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