We work closely with coaches and online educators (memberships, courses, digital products), agencies, and experts to support them legally.  We become a strategic part of their team so that their business grows faster - to a thriving, sustainable, impactful company.

Our clients that receive the most value from working with us are typically earning annual revenues in the mid-six figures to seven figures+ range, with ambitions to continue to grow.

The way we kick things off is with our Legal Road Map™ strategy session, which combines the power of strategic legal audit with the get-it-done momentum of knocking out the first high priority legal project.

For more information on our Legal Road Map™ sessions, click here.

Subject to availability, we also handle employment matters, dispute resolution, and cease and desist projects at our hourly rates.



We understand Legal Road Map™ is not a good fit for every business at every stage. That's why we've compiled some of our favorite resources you may find useful.

Check out these great resources!

Our customizable contract templates are a great investment that you can use to start to protect your business legally for as little as $299 and we’re happy to help you choose the right template! You can contact us here, if you are having problems finding what you need!

We also provide a library full of FREE legal resources that may provide some of the answers you’re looking for, or point you in the right direction: 

    Legal Experts We Recommend:


      Online Law

      Danielle Liss 
      Liss Legal
      (702) 534-5435

      Annette Stepanian

      Brittany Ratelle

      Sonia Lakhany trademarks only
      Lakhany Law, 1800 Peachtree Street, Suite 300
      Atlanta, Georgia 30309, United States

      Genavieve Shingle Jaffe
      Genavieve Shingle LLC

      Sophia Chase Munson


      Entertainment Law; Influencers

      Patrice N. Perkins
      171 N. Aberdeen St., Suite 400
      Chicago, Illinois 60607
      (312) 528-9259

      Amy Everhart
      Everhart Law Firm PLC
      202 Fifth Avenue South
      Franklin, TN 37064
      (615) 800-8919
      direct (615) 800-8925

      Casey Handy-Smith
      (832) 987-4294
      2909 Rogerdale Rd. #420138
      Houston, TX 77042


      Physical Products (Etsy and online IP for products)

      Rachel Brenke 

      Tyra Hughley Smith


      Patent & Software

      Shane Cortesi mechanical, specialty in toys and games
      Wright Cortesi & Gilbreath
      Assistant - Heather -
      Office Phone:  615-651-7401

      John DeBoer electrical, mechanical
      Kearney McWilliams & Davis
      55 Waugh #150
      Houston, TX 77007

      Dileep Rao software, apps
      Kearney McWilliams & Davis
      55 Waugh #150
      Houston, TX 77007
      (713) 936-9620 x137

      Adam Nyhan software, apps
      Perkins Thompson
      P.O. Box 426
      Portland, ME 04112-0426 

      Desiree Goff mechanical type inventions/products
      4031 Aspen Grove Drive, Suite 290
      Franklin, TN 37067
      D: 615-772-9034
      C: 629-278-0086  

      Kevin Christopher biomedical technology
      Ridgeline Venture Law
      800 Market St., STE 200
      Chattanooga, TN 37402
      (423) 708-5310


      Local to Chattanooga

      Stephan Wright business, litigation, IP
      Wright Cortesi & Gilbreath
      Assistant - Heather -
      2288 Gunbarrel Rd. Ste. 154/No. 247
      Chattanooga, TN 37421
      Phone: 423-826-6919

      Jon Cook business, real estate
      McDermott Law, PLLC
      (770) 315-6592

      Ed Nanney business, estate planning, business sale / succession or other exit
      4Sight Legal Services, PLLC
      620 Lindsay Street, Suite 220
      Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403
      (423) 305-1704

      Peter Harrison, J.D., LL.M. estate planning
      Trailhead Estate Planning
      P.O. Box 242
      Signal Mountain, TN 37377
      (423) 228-7029 

      Amanda Jelks business, estate planning, probate
      Jelks Law, PLLC
      201 Frazier Ave, Suite F
      Chattanooga, TN 37405
      (423) 602-2230 

      John Huisman estate planning, elder law, as well as corporate and transactional work, and non-profit
      4513 Hixson Pike, Suite 109
      Hixson, TN 37343
      (423) 648-4303 

      Lee Ann Adams estate planning, probate
      Gearhiser, Peters, Elliott & Cannon, PLLC
      320 McCallie Avenue
      Chattanooga, TN 37402
      (423) 756-5171

      Misty Harris family law
      544 E. Main Street
      Chattanooga, TN 37408
      (423) 541-1100

      Jillyn O'Shaughnessy family law
      Grant, Konvalinka & Harrison, PC
      Republic Centre, Ninth Floor
      633 Chestnut Street
      Chattanooga TN, 37450
      (423) 933-2731

      Corrin Fulton family law
      5751 Uptain Road, Suite 508
      Chattanooga, Tennessee 37411
      (423) 208-9652  

      Eron Epstein debtor bankruptcy (personal, small business)