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Ready to get your legal ducks in a row? The Legal Road Map® blog & podcast is a must for the ambitious online business owner with a rocket strapped to their back. Stop scrolling for legal advice in Google and instead confidently scale your business to the next level with the right legal protections at the right time.

Hosted by Autumn Witt Boyd, an experienced lawyer who helps ambitious and creative business owners reach their big goals. Together with her team, Autumn guides coaches, memberships, course creators + educators, agencies + experts as they grow. She has special expertise in copyright and trademark issues, and her firm offers full-service legal support to creative businesses.

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Business is booming and you’re ready to hire help -- make sure you do it the right way! When should you hire an independent contractor and when do you need to pay someone as an employee (and what’s the difference)? Plus contracts for workers, like non-compete and NDAs.

As a creative business owner, at some point, you will probably find someone has copied your best stuff or started a business or product with a very similar name as yours. Learn how to respond when this happens to protect your business and brand.

How can you get paid for the intellectual property your business owns? Licensing might just unlock a hidden revenue stream. Learn about the basics of selling a license, or permission to use your copyrights, trademarks, or patents.
You got a letter saying you’ve infringed intellectual property rights in someone’s copyright, trademark, or patent. Now what? Learn what a “cease and desist” letter and “DMCA takedown notice” are, and some steps you might take on your own without hiring a lawyer.
How can you use content created by other people like photos, videos, music, or text (third-party content) the right way in your business? Learn all about fair use and how to stay out of legal hot water with copyrights and trademarks.
Want to stop copycats in their tracks? Learn how copyright law automatically protects your creative content like your blog, photos, videos, and e-courses, and the huge benefit you can get by registering your copyrights ASAP.
How can you create the most value in your brand? Start by choosing a great company or product name, then check to make sure no one else is already using it. Plus learn why a federal trademark registration could help your business.

Copyrights, trademarks, and patents, oh my! What intellectual property does your creative business own that’s worth protecting? This primer will help you identify what’s valuable in your business and how you can protect and make money with IP registrations.

Wonder what those “privacy policies” or “terms and conditions” that you see on websites actually are? Find out about these and other documents and terms your website must have - terms of use, disclaimers, and disclosures.

What contracts do you need for your creative business, and what should they say? Contracts are THE most important legal protection for your business. Learn about contracts with your clients or customers, vendors, partners or founders, joint venturers, investors, independent contractors and employees, event attendees.

Do you need to worry about legal protections for your business? In a word, YES! Find out why you can’t ignore the law, how taking care of legal issues early can save and even make you money, and how legal protections can let you be more creative.

Don’t know where to start getting your creative business legally legit? Hosted by lawyer Autumn Witt Boyd, the Legal Road Map® podcast gives creative entrepreneurs the answers to your copyright, trademark, and business legal questions. Learn how to protect your rights and stay out of legal hot water, so you can confidently build your dream business. Whether you’re just starting out and haven’t...

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