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Ready to get your legal ducks in a row? The Legal Road Map® blog & podcast is a must for the ambitious online business owner with a rocket strapped to their back. Stop scrolling for legal advice in Google and instead confidently scale your business to the next level with the right legal protections at the right time.

Hosted by Autumn Witt Boyd, an experienced lawyer who helps ambitious and creative business owners reach their big goals. Together with her team, Autumn guides coaches, memberships, course creators + educators, agencies + experts as they grow. She has special expertise in copyright and trademark issues, and her firm offers full-service legal support to creative businesses.

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Building a beautiful website and creating compelling content takes time and resources (financial or otherwise). And when you’re just getting started, you may be short on both. 

It’s tempting to just “borrow” a bit here and there and hope no one notices. 

But the consequences can be severe… not to mention potentially devastating to your business.

Learn how you can protect your online course with trademark and copyrights and what recourse is available to you if you discover someone is copying all or part of your course.
Learn the best ways to avoid landing in hot water (copyright or trademark infringement) when you use other people's content in your online course.
Learn what copyrights can protect when you should register them, and the benefits EARLY copyright registration provides.

Learn all things copyright for your business in this joint podcast episode + training with lawyer Rachel Brenke.  

Have you created phenomenal content or an amazing method, and now you want to give permission to someone else to use it? If you’re considering creating a licensing or certification program this week’s episode will walk you through the top things to think about before you start.
If you’ve written a book or are in the process of writing a book, join me for this week’s episode where I discuss protecting the intellectual property in your book. You pour your heart and soul into the body of work you create. Protecting the intellectual property in your book is essential to making sure all of your hard work continues to work for you and not for others.
Stacy Tuschl of She’s Building Her Empire talks about the benefits of working with a lawyer vs. an online platform when it comes to copyrights and trademarks.
Is your business the type that needs to worry about intellectual property rights? This week I talk about why your business may or may not need to protect its copyrights and trademarks.
International copyrights and trademarks.
How to deal with copycats of your product designs on Etsy or Amazon.
How to protect your rights as author of a book or series of books? Copyright and trademark registrations may help.

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